Four Traits of Customer-Centric Leaders


A while back I worked with the head of a European bank who endeavoured to shift his organization to be more commercial and customer-centric. His bank had been languishing in the middle of the pack for a number of years and his belief was that by fundamentally shifting the ways in which his organization engaged with customers, the firm would realize better results. 

He had a customer-centric vision for what he wanted his organization to look like and a logical plan for getting there, but he wasn't clear on how to fully engage the breadth of the organization to put his plan into action. He knew that his vision wasn't enough. True change requires connecting the rational plan to individuals' emotional engagement. 

Becoming a customer-centric leader starts with understanding and agreeing what is encompassed in the role of a leader. Our view is that a leader exists to mobilize others to execute the strategy and deliver results in order to create value. In the context of customer centricity, value is created by engaging with each customer as an individual—where they want, when they want, how they want—no small feat! To do this effectively means changing systems, processes, capabilities, individual mindsets, and ultimately culture.

While customer centricity starts in the heads of executives, it is their behavior that ultimately leads to successful transformation. Customer-centric leadership behavior acts as the catalyst for the wider organization to not only be engaged, but also excited. Our research suggests that there are four drivers that help leaders move their customer-centric vision out of the clouds and into everyday business:

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